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I make stories from whatever’s handy — sarcasm, sincerity, rhyme, iPhones, sidewalk chalk, excessively long lists — if it lets my brain towel whip yours, I’m all over it.

The stick spinning all these plates is one basic question: why isn’t our world less shitty? Why all the literal and emotional pollution? How can we better enjoy this trippy cosmic space ride together? OK so that’s actually three questions, but people like things in threes. Beginning, middle, end, am I right? Classic.



Did you know "essay" comes from the French for "attempt"? As in, here I attempt to seriously reflect on parenthood, romance, and related social constructs -- mostly for Parent.co and my column in regional print magazine Austin All Natural (archive of my column, The Heartwaker's Club, posted on Medium).


Oral culture is alive, baby! Dynamic, embodied, and poorly paid -- just my style. Since starting stand-up in 2015, I've performed at Out of Bounds (Austin), Trill (Houston), and SheDot (Toronto) comedy festivals, produced the live weekly variety show ATX Tonight, and joined Chris Castles as co-host of the forthcoming podcast Good Cock Bad Cock. To request a tape for booking, tweet me @lizadilly


At ten years old I directed my first film (a broody documentary on my sister). Somehow I denied the fiery desire to be a director until my mid-thirties, but now I’m making up for lost time. Which is to say, the world looks really beautiful in my head, and I like using cameras to make it blush.


Here's where I help you sound out your own story. Through organic relationship coaching you can bring consciousness, intention, and humor to your emotional life -- whether transitioning from monogamous to open (and vice-versa!), chartering a custom romantic status, or navigating a break up. Sign up for my newsletter to learn more about rates and appointments (available via video chat).